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Mathematics Topic Lesson Activity 1 Activity 2
Math Definitions Math Vocabulary    
Negative Numbers and Absolute Value What are they?    
How To:
Add and Subtract Negative Numbers    
  Multiply and Divide Negative Numbers    
Fractions What are they?    
How To:
Reduce Fractions    
  Work with Compound and Improper Fractions    
  Add and Subtract Fractions    
  Multiply and Divide Fractions    
Decimals What are they?    
How To:
Add and Subtract Decimals    
  Multiply and Divide Decimals    
Percents What are they?    
How To:
Find Percentages and Values.    
Quickly Find Most Percents    
Exponents What are they?    
How To:
Calculating Exponents    
  Fractional Exponents    
  Work with Negative Exponents    
Square (and non-square) Roots What are they?    
How To:
Use Roots and Square Roots    
Algebra What is it?    
How To:
Determine order of operations.    
  Solve addition and subtraction equations.    
  Solve multiplication and division equations.    
  Solve all types of inequalities.    
  Write your own equations and inequalities.    
  Exponential Decay (Half-life)    
  Exponential Growth    
  Use the Cartesian coordinate system.    
  Use slope and line intercept equations.    
  Solve using Elimination and Substitution.    
  Solve Distance, Rate, and Time Equations.    
Matrix Algebra What is it?    
How To:
Add and Subtract Matrices.    
Geometry What is it?    
Geometry Definitions    
How To:
Use and classify angles.    
  Find the area of a (2D) shape.    
  Find the volume of a (3D) shape.    
  Find the surface area of a shape.    
  Use Pythagorean Theorem.    
Trigonometry What is it?    
How To:
Use sin, cosine, and tangent.    
  Use degrees and radians.    

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