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What is "Getting Published?"

Getting Published used to mean having something you wrote printed and released to the general public in a magazine or newspaper as an article, an entire book, or in a trade journal. These methods of getting published still hold true, and the Internet has allowed another way to get something you wrote available to lots of people: getting published.

With the advent of the Internet, getting published has become somewhat easier - there are numerous opportunities on web sites to write an article related to the content on the site, and have that web site put your article on their site - and give you credit for it! In fact, even accepts articles and ideas for articles - all you have to do is email us your idea and we'll get back with you!

The Internet also makes it easier to research various ways to get published on print (on print is a term used for getting your work published on paper and ink.) You can determine which publishing companies are available for the type of work you have written or want to write, and follow up by contacting them immediately to determine how to submit your work.

Publishing Companies
Of the traditional publishing companies (traditional meaning that they publish books), there are numerous - and many of them are looking for specialized topics. For example, some publishing companies publish only computer and technology related material, while others are created to publish only natural living and organic lifestyle materials. Since the publishing company determines if they will use your work (and will pay you if you do), it's in your best interest to make sure whatever you submit to them is of the same genre that they are looking at - otherwise you'll be wasting your time and theirs.

It's a common misconception that publishing companies are looking only for established authors - if this were true, no new authors would ever be around since they are not established! What the publishers are looking for is a great author who can write in an easily understandable way that may appeal to many other people who are interested in the same subject matter. When a publisher finds the author that writes well and is passionate about a topic - there is a good chance the author will find an opportunity with them.

If you've written something - and shared it with other people who believe it is a quality piece of work, by all means, seek it get it published if that is something you would like to have done with your work! While it can seem intimidating, it can also lead to many other possibilities!


While thinking about getting your work of art (or work of your words, as we like to call it) published, feel free to check out another Writing Topic in the Writing Lesson Center!


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