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Expanding Your Vocabulary

When it comes to writing, you usually do not want to use the same few words over and over again. Also, since there are several words with similar but not exact meanings, it is often easier to explain your idea if you use a specific word.

There are many occasions when you need to use a word that's different from the tradition; but how are you supposed to know all those words? The best way we've found is to use them more often. So how do you discover more words? There are many ways:

1. Open up the dictionary and find a new word.
We don't really like this method because it means learning a new word that may be rarely used by anyone during a normal conversation or in writing.

2. Buy one of those "Increase Your Vocabulary" audio books.
This method is our least favorite. There are free ways to increase your vocabulary that work just as well!

3. Use a Thesaurus.
The perfect method! It's free (online, try, opens in new window) and allows you to lookup words that have the same, similar, or somewhat close meanings to the word you already know. That way, you can use the word more often!

Let's take these few sentences and send them through our thesaurus to make more robust sentences and increase our vocabulary!

The night went bad. Bob's friend acted very childish and was not fun to be around. At dinner, the food was bad. Afterwards, we drove home fast so the night would finally end.

And now for our thesaurus-ized counterparts:

The night went poorly. Bob's friend acted jejune and was unpleasant to be around. At dinner, the food was wretched. Afterwards , we raced home so the night would not be prolonged.

Not only does the second group of sentences sound more professional, but many of the words have slightly different meanings that give a new, better meaning - and that you will be able to use in casual conversation and other writing projects!

Now that the vocabulary lesson has concluded, you may fancy a sojourn to another scholastic endeavor of Writing Topics in the Writing Lesson Center!


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