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Get your creative juices flowing, because you'll be using then with creative writing! Creative writing allows you to express ideas and tell stories in just about any way you can think! When creative writing enters, many of the ideas on how to write "best" are thrown out, because only the author really knows the best way to tell his or her story!

Creative writing can use contractions; it can contains quotes that you make up yourself (that a character says), it doesn't require any citations, and it opens the door to explore the inner depths of your imagination! You do, however, still need to follow proper grammar rules and coordinate your paragraphs (and chapters) in a way they make sense. Also, you may find it useful to use new concepts such as foreshadowing to continue to keep your reader interested in your writing!

Foreshadowing, if case you were not already privy, is basically when you write something that hints at what may happen later.

Feel free to use analogies and metaphors in your creative writing!

Also, while not absolutely required, many readers find it interesting if you do incorporate related facts into your writing. For example, if you're writing about humans building a spaceship to flee the dying Earth, you may include bits such as "As their space pod was feeling the gravitation pull of Mars, the Captain pointed out the exact location of the primitive Mars rovers that had been part of an old space exploration." Since the Mars Rovers are factual, as your reader continues reading, they may become more immersed in your writing as they are able to relate it to something they know as fact!

We really don't want to start putting out a bunch of "rules" for creative writing, because, as we see it, there are no rules for being creative! So, sit back, put your pencil to the paper (or fingers to the keyboard), and start creating your masterpiece! We feel it's best to plan a little bit (such as creating an outline), but for some people, this doesn't work for them. If it works for you, great! If not, just start writing - you can always change things later.

Happy Writing!

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