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Accept...or Except?

Do you except an invitation to have one million dollars? No! You accept it!

While the two words sound very similar (and many people pronounce them identically), their meanings are very different - to the point of being somewhat opposite. Accept is saying "yes," while Except is something that has said "no!"

This word means that you are taking or receiving something (an item, an offer, etc.) willingly; that you are approving of whatever it being offered.

This word shows that you are excluding something or denying it.

Let's see these in use...

I accept your job offer, except I would like twelve days of vacation instead of ten.

By accepting, you are receiving or allowing the job offer. However, the except shows that you are denying (or are in disagreement) with the amount of vacation.

Which of these sentences are correct? (Answers below)
1. If you don't accept my offer, I will be forced to beg.
2. I did not want the job, accept that it paid very well.
3. My current job has much better benefits than your offer, except for the insurance.
4. Even though I wanted more vacation time, I will except your job offer.

As a quick review - the word accept is used to signal "yes" whereas except is used for excluding certain things.


Answers to above questions:
Sentences 1 and 3 are correct.
In other words, all of them except 2 and 4 are correct.


Please accept our offer to continue with our various other Writing Topics in the Writing Lesson Center, except those of you that are going to be late for class!


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