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Installing and Upgrading Gradeway Teacher's Suite

The following describes the process for installing a new copy of Gradeway Teacher's Suite and Upgrading from an existing copy.

Please refer to these instructions while installing Gradeway Teacher's Suite.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Gradeway Teacher's Suite.

Step 2: Double click on the file you have downloaded.

Step 3:

Click Next to continue.

After reading the EULA (End User License Agreement), if you accept, click the "I accept the agreement" option. If you do not agree, setup cannot continue (you may press Cancel instead.)

Select the path to install Gradeway Teacher's Suite.
Important: When you are upgrading, you must select the same directory as you originally installed Gradeway Teacher's Suite.

Choose whether you would like to have a New Installation or Upgrade your existing installation.

The difference is that the New Installation will overwrite any classroom data that exists. Selecting the Upgrade option does not extract the classroom data at all, perserving your existing classroom data.

[Viewed only if upgrading.]
When upgrading, a message will be displayed, stating that since you have decided not to install the Classroom data, that it will not be overwritten (or removed.) Click Yes.

Select if you want a Start Menu folder created, and if so, what you would like it named.

Select whether you want a Gradeway Teacher's Suite icon on your desktop and/or in your Quick Launch bar.

This final screen shows a summary of the options you selected. You may go back and adjust any settings, click Install to perform the installation, or Cancel to close the Setup program without anything being installed.

Special Notes:
The installation program will check for a variety of components on your machine prior to displaying the above screens. The most common ones that are missing are Microsoft .Net Framework version 2 and Microsoft Data Access Components 2.6 or greater.

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