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Version History - Gradeway Teacher's Suite

Our product roadmap for Gradeway Teacher's Suite depends greatly on user feedback. When we receive requests for features not currently in development in most cases, we quickly focus on developing those features. Internally, the new features that will be implemented into future releases are as follows:

1. Additional and Gradeway Teacher's Suite integration, including more robust online functionality (for both students and teachers.)
2. A more robust data file. This is a planned improvement that has been worked on previously; the new file is only compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista, so we have avoided the full implementation at this point. As our users transitions away from older versions of Windows, this may be revisted.
4. The Lesson Planner is needing some reworking - and to have a "week view" calendar built in.
5. Additional suggestions as recommended by Gradeway users like yourself!

Version 2.2 (Released 12/14/2007)

New Features:

  • Weighted grades! Your overall grade can now be computed as weights of categories (tests 50%, quizzes 30%, etc.) More details
  • Browser Navigation, another frequently requested feature. You can now go Forward. And Back. With a single click of a mouse, rather than one of our not-very-short shortcuts!
  • Added additional classroom settings to the grades being updated to - this information (such as the number of digits to round to in grades) will be used to make better match data that is contained within Gradeway Teacher's Suite.


  • When updating a student's grades, only that student has their grade recalculated, rather than the entire class being recalculated. This will be especially noticable on large classes, a large number of assignments, and the "Grade by Subjects" grading mode.
  • For the crazy-fast typists out there, the Gradebook has been improved to allow you to continue entering grades, even if a students' grades are calculating. That is, you can enter 8/10, press enter, and even if the grade is still calculating, you can type the next grade and press enter, and your keystrokes will make it into the Gradebook (and all grades calculating) as the software (and your computer) catches up to your semi-automatic grade entry.
  • Error Messages. We'll come clean with this one - nobody wants to see an error message. But what's worse than an error message? And error message that doesn't say what caused the error. (Most people have probably seen the all-too-familiar Windows error "This application has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.") Point being...those errors are useless to the user who just wants to make sure it doesn't happen again, but it's nearly impossible for any software to anticipate every possible error from happening. In Gradeway Gradebook and Teacher's Suite, this error is in a big box that starts with "Gradeway has encountered an internal error," and then allows users to automatically report the error. To try to make this long story end - we've added additional error messages for errors that have been automatically reported. For example, if you're trying to print a report, but your computer security prevents you from changing printing settings, it'll now let you know, and ask if you'd like to print without changing some print settings to make it "optimal," but should make it work. Note: Many of these fixes are in various places within the software, and were found via the automatic error report system within Gradeway. While we apologize that we do not directly email users back with each error reported (and we have further clarified this in the reporting option), these changes are the result of the errors being reported. Thank you!
  • Installation - Originally, we intended to include all required components (all free from Microsoft), but Gradeway Gradebook and Teacher's Suite is less than 2 megs. Including everything (which most people already have) would've increased the size to around 30 megs. So, taking the next best action - the installation routine now does additional checks for versions and components, displays more detailed instructions, and, if you want, whisks you off to the Microsoft page to download the component.
  • Bug Fixes:

  • When an existing grade is updated to an invalid grade, the grade gets wiped out but the overall grade remains. Prior, unless the grade is recalculated prior to adding the real (correct) grade, an error would occur. This was especially problematic when the overall grade(s) were not computed, the invalid grade remained (but "hidden") and the program was closed.
  • Various spelling and grammatical corrections. We even got some emails regarding these - some clever; some...less than pleasant (and ironically, grammatical errors themselves.)
  • Known Issues
    no known issues
    no known issues
    [Data Integrity]:
    no known issues
    1. When first installing version 2.2, depending on install options you have selected, the classes may not have a "grade mode" selected, and thus, will not have an "overall grade" column. You can manually resolve this by opening the Preferences dialog and changing the Grade Mode options for each class.

    2. "New Installation" users will have 2 sample classes - "Gradeway Sample" and "Gradeway Weighted Grades Sample." The "Upgrade" installation does not add these sample classes to your existing classroom data file.

    Version 2.1 (Released 11/11/2006)

    New Features:

  • Custom Reporting - Ability to create and edit any type of report with any text that you'd like; fully editable via standard HTML tags.
  • Optimized several student grade lookup tasks.
  • Class and Student Notes - Now allows to quickly jot down notes at any time and retrieve them later. History of notes is displayed when entering new notes; ability to print full set of notes.
  • Fixes:

  • Corrected grading flaw that prevent overall grades from being displayed when using the Grade By Subjects mode and multiple classes contain the same subjects.
  • Resolved issue with accurate report totals from classes that have been copied from other classes/terms.
  • Fixed grammar in two dialogs.
  • Known Issues:

    no known issues
    no known issues
    [Data Integrity]:
    no known issues
    1. When selecting to import a data file, user is prompted to select directory where data file is, rather than data file itself. (Does not affect functionality, but may cause confusion. This may or may not be changed in a future release.)

    Version 2.01

    New Features:

  • Installer now checks for MDAC. (Single largest installation issue.)
  • When importing data, a message is now displayed warning that existing data will be overwritten.
  • Ability to share (send and receive) Lesson Plans to the community. (
  • Validity checker for classroom data file when opening - will prompt if there is a problem and old data should be restored.
  • Fixes:

  • Reminders for specific classes not always displaying when class is selected - corrected.
  • Corrected "restore" functionality.
  • Prevented "0" from appearing in Parent's email address when updating Student Profile.
  • Fixed issues where zipcodes (postal codes) containing non-numeric values were not being saved correctly. (
  • Resolved issue of the Delete Class Dialog becoming unresponsive after deleting a class.
  • Correct error message is now displayed when attempting to synch classroom data without a class selected.
  • Known Issues:

    no known issues
    no known issues
    [Data Integrity]:
    no known issues
    When selecting to import a data file, user is prompted to select directory where data file is, rather than data file itself. (Does not affect functionality, but may cause confusion.)

    Help us improve by reporting issues!

    Version 2.0

    • Redesigned how Gradeway Online updates grades online. This resolves most issues that some users were having when attempting to post their grades online.
    • Adding a "Grade By Subject" grading mode.
    • Introduced customizable Letters and additional reports.
    • Redesigned attendance and gradebook functionality.
    • Simplified Gradeway Today screen.
    • Import/Export functionality for classroom files.
    • Ability to change program colors.
    • Automatic backups and restoring of classroom files.
    • ...many more features and optimizations!

    Please Note: Gradeway Teacher's Suite version 2.0 has been redesigned and will not work with existing data from version 1. Please upgrade to version 2.0 as soon as possible - we will continue supporting version 1.0 until December 31, 2006.

    Version 1.13.1

  • Corrected issue with students with spaces in their names functioning in the Student Information Dialog correctly. This also involves a workaround. Students are now able to have spaces in their first name, but not their last name. Please use additional characters for last names until a permanent patch has been released.
  • Version 1.13

  • Smart Backups for classroom files.
  • Additional fields for student and parent demographics to allow international students data to be entered fully.
  • Parent and Student demographics allow for states outside of the USA - up to 10 characters can be entered.
  • Attendance Tracking optimizations.
  • New installer file - ability to select Full Installation or Upgrade an existing version. This corrected the v1.12 issue of not creating all the proper directories.
  • Ability to modify the Grade Levels for Lesson Plans rather that only have a static list to select from.
  • After uploading grades (using Online Grades), user is presented with the classes they have uploaded and can immediately view the grades that have been processed.
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